Sustainable business as a differentiator


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About Us

About Polar Bear International

At Polar Bear, we help companies grow while safeguarding the world.  We are dedicated to preserving the planet and zealous about the opportunities that wait for business growth.   We enable cost effective and more sustainable textiles decisions by giving access to the products, processes and technologies needed to do so. 

Transformative Solutions

Our textile designers work with textile manufacturers, retailers and corporate to create top-quality  sustainable products across a range of everyday categories, including bags, apparel, packaging and linen. From shopping bags to employee uniforms, from bicycle covers to  packaging, we’re delivering transformative solutions that can reduce carbon footprints, help achieve sustainability goals, increase sales and even lower costs. 

A Material Change

We’re working to change the fabric of our everyday consumption. Offering knowledge and tools that can shift mindsets while  business  grows. Your company  will join the market leaders utilizing  best practices. Making sustainability easy, cost effective, stylish, accessible and best for  business .